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An expertise to count on.

With long-standing experience across the full software development lifecycle Skylight Communications serves as a full stack vendor undertaking end-to-end web app development projects for entrenched market leaders and emerging businesses with technology at their core.

Build for the mobile-centric web or transform your business to fit in with the modern cross-platform reality with Skylight. Drawing upon extensive UI/UX and front-end expertise, our web app developers deliver rich user experiences.

Development Technologies

Professional Admin Dashboards

Focused on bringing value to your business by creating intuitive user-friendly websites. Our development expertise lies in E-commerce development (frameworks + custom), custom web application development, ERP and CRM integrations. Additionally, we work on ecommerce & PHP on a daily basis. Our forte lies across various industry verticals including lifestyle, fashion, hospitality, healthcare, technology, finance and many more.

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Large-Scale Distributed Systems
Cloud-Native Applications
Real-Time Big Data Processing

Large-Scale Distributed Systems

We draw upon modern technologies, best practices and wisdom of big market players to design, launch, operate and evolve a wide range of applications, from social networks and content delivery systems to e-science and machine learning solutions, while maintaining performance and scalability.

Cloud-Native Applications

Setting out cloud-native with Iflexion, you take full advantage of the various existing open source technologies and their container-driven integration and alignment under one platform. We will deliver your “born in the cloud” application or migrate your enterprise to a cloud-native architecture.

Real-Time Big Data Processing

We help organizations navigate their Big Data journeys from strategy to implementation of large-scale projects, delivering across all facets of stream processing, from designing for resilience and scale to micro-batching vs. event-driven processing paradigms implementation.


Cross-Functional Teams

The project team takes full responsibility for the application from development to production and back, acting as a cross-functional business capabilities enabler across the entire app life cycle.

Accelerated Time-to-Value

Continuous delivery, app-centric approach and all-round deployment automation enable project teams to ship new apps and features as frequently as you need to move safely at the desired speed of innovation.

Heavily Customized Projects

We offer experience with open-ended and heavily customized projects to enable companies establish competitive advantage in their businesses by using software and connected devices in brand new ways.

Application Security

  • Source code analysis
  • Application architecture review
  • Attack vectors identification
  • Vulnerability scan

Customer Security

  • Segregated project infrastructure
  • SLA guarantees
  • Security & IP protection policies
  • Software pre-certification support