website development

Website Design & Development

Our expert team of website developers & desginers use cutting edge technology & best practices to create custom sites that increase user engagement. From client-side to server-side scripting and content development are the tasks associated with our development process

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Branding & Logo

The art of creating a unique brand name and marketing to the world is a crucial process for a business. At skylight we have you covered with a creative team to discover your brand story and develop about a solid strategy to succeed in the marketplace.

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Digital Marketing

Connecting people with brands and bilions of users worldwide accross the globe through effective marketing strategies and data analytics. Promoting a brand requires extensive research in data analytics which our team of data scientists.

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Mobile Application Development

Mobile, tablets and other wearables are the hottest in the market right now. Businesses now demand for mobile applications parallel with websites to increase user engagement and reach out to more consumers as the increase in the number of mobile devices is growing rapibly. Skylight's team of mobile developers are experienced in both android and ios platform from building prototypes to deployment for any device.

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Mobile Application Development

business consulting

Business Advisory

The world of expert advice is essential when starting a new business. As businesses now are revolutionizing digitally in consumer behavior and value chain across different industries. Organizations are more customer focused and we are here to help how a business can introduce digital technologies to reach out to their prospective consumers.

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Video Content & Marketing

Video content today is a lot more serious to what it has been a few years ago. Business institutions are much more effective in managing audience throuh video content marketing to stand out from their competitors and reach their target audience. Leveraging on video content is an effective marketing strategy in the digital world.

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video content & marketing

company profiling

TV Commercials & Company Profile

Creating a dazzling company profile gives a head start to creating an impressive impression on prospective clients or business partners. A quick look into the company giving a general idea of what are the strenghts and track records of the particular company. Here at skylight our designers and content writers helps create corporate profiles with company commercial videos to establish a solid case for the company's suitability for business engagement.

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Good photography whether its a documentary or modelling, every product of service requires presenting to the audience. Entrepreneurs and business owneres choose professional photography to make their businesses seem more reputable.

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Skylight photography

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Graphic Design & Animation

The importance of graphic design is to boost up sales, establish brand name, send a message and unite people. It is an art of visual communication because the first impression of a produc tor service is vital.

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Product Banners / Merchandise / Packaging

At skylight our creative team helps create brochures, banners and merchandise design to make a product look appealing to the audience.

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product packaging

social media management

Social Media Management

Prioritizing social media for a business either to reach consumers or make a sale is very important. It can be very frustrating and time consuming to manage multiple accounts and schedule posts at the same time. Our team of social media analyst can help guide to set all those up for you when you can focus on more important aspects.

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Blockchain Development

High level technology to power and connect various processes in a business with the focus of data privacy, efficiency, security and streamlining finances.

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blockchain development

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