human resource management system

Human Resource Management System

Every company requires a human resource software to manage their employees especially when the team count raises exponentially. Given that HR tasks are quite tedious, complex and time consuming when performed manually. Hence leveraging on a solution by technology savves alot of time and cost.

HRMS core function is to standardize the core process of HR Management. Some of the core management functionalities are (Application, Employee, Organization, Benefits, Payroll, Compensation, Performance) just to name a few.

In addition to the functionalities above we also provide centralized admin system, cloud based documentation, sofisticated mobile functionalities and various other analytics. Feel free to contact us for further queries.

Document Archive System

Having a document archive sysem helps track, manage and store documents online to reduce paper work. Increase in efficiency for keeping record of various document versions and retrieve the history of users who modify the documents at various intervals.

An archive system smooths workflow process of managing records electronically from anywhere as the data is stored on a cloud server. Skylight builds custom systems and panels catered to the needs of the business. Please feel free to contact us for further queries.

document archive system
Call center application

Call Center Application

Call center applciation enhances productivity and experience between agents and customers building better relationship between both parties.

Highly interactive interface for the agent side and routing calls to various agents. Some of the key features includes monitoring, conferencing, call duration and wait time.

For customized development of your application feel free to contact us for further queries.

Mobile Collection Application

Mobile Collection

Mobile application provides the ease of accessing and entering data from anywhere in real time. A collection mobile app by SKylight features functionalities such as reporting, location geotagging, history, payment and attendace to name a few.

Advantages of using a real time data collection application includes faster decision making on the top management with accurate data flowing through the enterprise and automated workflows.

The application is integrated with API, real-time tracking, export options, offline data collection, form builder, secure storage and many more. Feel free to contact us for further queries.

Mobile Survey

Surveys are an important aspect for a company or organization to get customer feedback for improving the quality of the product or service. Agents can reach out to consumers personally to fill out a survey by asking questions on the spot.

A mobile survey application comes in handy to capture the information you want from your audience on the go as they visit your store, exhibition or almost anywhere.

Key advantages of a survey app are higher response rate, customer engagement, real-time feedback and customer satisfaction. We have it all on one platform. Feel free to contact us for further queries.

Mobile Survey Application